Fiction dragged me into film, but documentary made me stay.

Part of it is the thrill of watching something amazing happen in front of the camera and making it work as a cohesive story, another is being part of an effort that goes beyond the act of simply watching content, hopefully into the lives of an audience, challenging the way they perceive the world around them. My goal has always been finding the key that allows an audience to identify with fantastic stories as well as slice of life moments.

In more than 20 years as an editor, I’ve put together a toolbox that I use to communicate with audience and creators alike. Editing, writing, mentoring, putting together story packages from early development to late stages: Whatever the goal, I’m committed to helping build the best film possible.

I’ve participated in documentary, pitch and trailer workshops from both sides of the table, with EDN and the Documentary campus in Berlin, Brussels and Leipzig, and in the ex Soviet countries with B2B Doc.