How Big is the Galaxy? dir. Ksenia Elyan

Sometimes all that’s needed is a little TLC. A narrative hit man to come in and be brutal about what works and what doesn’t. With 3 passports and an acute desire to help make films as good as they can be, I like to think of myself as the Jason Bourne of editors, traveling the globe to blunder through a project’s confusion until we figure out what makes it work.

GOOD NEIGHBOURS dir. Stella Van Voorst

Rough cut analysis, story editing, proposal writing, and character evaluation are some of the tools I use on international projects like Missing Fetine (Yeliz Shukri: Cyprus), Bikes vs Cars (Fredrik Gertten: Sweden), Targets (Maziar Bahari: Canada/UK), Home Games (Alisa Kovalenko: Ukraine), to name just a few.


Notable films:
Home Games, How Big is the Galaxy, Good Neighbours, Liberation Day, Bikes vs Cars, Ghost Rockets, Missing Fetine, Emergency Rations, When Pigs Come

Bikes vs Cars dir. Frederick Gertten

Frederik Gertten’s latest “David and Goliath” doc explores the global explosion of bike culture around the world, and the resistance it’s meeting from car and oil lobbyists.  With a cast of… many, in many different languages, I was asked to come in and consult on character development, in French and English, and to discuss how certain stories might fit into the overall architecture of the film. Short and sweet work with a really great team.



dir. Kerstin Überlacker / Michael Cavanagh

I did character work and test editing with the filmmakers in the latter part of 2013. And what a fun project! UFOlogists occupy a wierd little world of their owwn, but ultimately they’re just people, albeit with an unusual obsession.

Project #4 in Swedish turns out to be a particularly interesting exercise, both in terms of working more as a consulting editor building on others’ work, and as a uniquely collaborative endeavor with the filmmakers, working together with them to refine the style and tone of the film as part of an ongoing process.