NELLY & NADINE dir. Magnus Gertten

Trailers, teasers, pilots. Besides being an amazing exercise that helps filmmakers to figure out what their film is really about, these forms are an inescapable tool for letting other people know too.

DEMIGODS PLAY (Liberation Day) dir. Morten Traavik, Uģis Olte

I’ve edited and participated on dozens of trailers over the last 5 years, at the pitching stage and in some cases for theatrical release. And my view on them has evolved from necessary evil to essential exercise. I can honestly say that the trailer process has often been one of the key moments in a filmmaker’s creation.

THE GREAT JOURNEY dir. Coco Wouters

It would be nice to say that they’re always successful, that every trailer fills its funding gap, or is a perfect capsule of a film. But it’s not always true. What it definitely is is a sketchbook for ideas, a sandbox for story, character, and craft.

KIDS OF THE SILK ROAD dir. Jens Pedersen

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